Coffee Tables At Dwell Home Furnishings - Coralville, IA1. Accessorize Your Table Tops – Find a couple of conversation pieces to set on a table or bookshelf. The right home accessories can add interest to a room. Blank table tops are not intriguing, but the right mix of statues, decorative platters or candle holders can dress up a room and give any room a more eclectic look.

2. Hang Some Wall Art – Whether you keep it with a theme, or just hang random pieces of wall art and photos that you love, your house will feel more like home with the right wall art. You will want to make sure that even if they do not follow a theme, that the wall art that you choose all complement each other.

3. Put Down An Area Rug – You can add texture to the room or if your furniture is neutral, an area rug is a great way to add a little more color. Area rugs can create a nice foundation for an otherwise bland looking room, without replacing all of the furniture in the room.

4. Window Treatments for a Little Shade and Color – Block the bright sun while using new shade, blinds, curtains or drapes to accessorize the room. Whether you choose a bold or muted solid color, or a want to mix it up with a print on your window treatment, your windows can be dressed up as an eye-catching focal point in your room. If your room has a great view, use window treatments to draw attention to the beautiful outdoors.

  • Hang them high – Close to the ceiling or crown molding
  • Hang them wide – To cover the entire window frame, make sure window treatments go 4 to 6 inches past the side of the frame to make the window appear larger.
  • The longer the better – In low traffic areas, you can actually allow the curtains or drapes to puddle on the floor, while in high traffic areas you will want to stop just short of the floor so the fabric does not pick up dirt.

5. Change the Ambiance with New Lighting – Glass chandeliers, rustic lamps, or modern contemporary lighting can help define your style. Dimmers can create a romantic mood, or a floor lamp in the corner will offer the perfect light for reading. You can choose lighting that best suits your style, and your home’s character.

6. A Colorful, Comfortable Chair – You might want most of your furniture to be neutral in color or style for the sake of being adaptable to styles over the years, but sometimes a colorful chair or fun upholstery design can be just what a room needs to feel like it’s your own style. Mix a cool chair with a few of the other suggestions, and your room will have its own unique flare.

7. Warm Up the Wall Paint – White walls can be pretty drab, but choosing a great wall paint color for your wall, or even a neutral along with an accent color can change the dynamics of a room.

8. Organize with Shelving or Unique Baskets – We all have a little clutter sitting around, but all of that can have its own place with the right organization system. Drawers are great, but people default to “the junk drawer,” so a combination of shelving and baskets might be a better option. Your belongings and paperwork will be easily accessible, but will still be organized in a system that looks great.

A Combination of Interior Design Ideas

You may not be able to tackle everything at the same time, but if you have a vision keep making changes to your space until it is exactly as you want it.

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Textured Home Accents - Dwell Home Furnishings - Coralville - Iowa CityMixing patterns and textures in your interior design and decorating efforts can add style and interest, or it can go overwhelmingly wrong. You don’t want your home to look like you just couldn’t decide which colors and designs you like, but you do want it to look like the furniture and accent pieces were chosen with a certain feel in mind.

Let Your Room Design Make a Statement

Do you want your room to make a bold statement, look like an elegant mansion from the past, or be a subtle place to spend peaceful moments? You can choose your color scheme and patterns with the room’s purpose in mind. You will want much different furniture, colors and patterns for a child’s room than you would for a formal dining room or a comfortable living room.

Make the room look larger with a rug that has vertical stripes, or make a large room feel cozy by using rugs to separate it into smaller seating areas with complementary but distinct qualities. In either case, the patterns and textures used can enhance the room.

Don’t Let Your Patterns Compete

bernhardt2One bold pattern in a room is enough, but you can still use smaller patterns to complement the bold one. Keep them in similar or more muted hues, or take a look at a color wheel, and use color families that are directly across from or next to the main color in the bold pattern. Colors directly across from each other on a color wheel are complementary, while those next to the main color you choose are analogous. While complementary colors together make a little bolder statement, analogous colors tens to look pleasant and less striking together.

Add Interest with Textured Furniture and Upholstery

Whether you have a wooden coffee table or headboard that has a rustic texture, or a chair that has a soft, rough, or patterned texture, it can add a whole new level of interest to the room. Texture can be a great way to complement a bold or subdued pattern that makes up the rooms point of interest.

Create a Focal Point in Your Room

You can use a patterned curtain, rug or wall paint design to create a focal point, or choose a piece of artwork that is fitting for your interior design goals. Whether your room is large or small, a strategically placed focal point will take your visitors mind off of size and attract them to your home’s style.

If you have a large and well-placed window with a view, you may just dress it up with a boldly patterned window covering. If the fireplace draws the eye of visitors, a wooden frame with material stretched over it might make a unique home accessory to hang above it as the focal point of the room.

Create a Foundation with a Great Area Rug

The right area rug will lay the base for the room. If you have a focal point on the wall, keep the area rug complementary and neutral. Area rugs can make a great focal point, but if you have bold curtains or wall décor, you will want your area rug to offer support to the room without being overwhelming.

Throw in Some Furniture for Color and TextureUsing Textures and Patterns in Decorating

If your walls or curtains have a bolder pattern, you may want to stick with a more muted pattern or some interesting texture in your home furnishings and accent pieces. If you choose two bold patterns for one room, you will find your home décor is in competition. Your eye won’t know where to go when you walk into the room, leaving you with a conflicted feeling.

No matter what type of colors you choose, or what patterns and textures you love, you can make any house a home with well-planned use of the 3 elements. If you are choosing furniture, rugs, window coverings or accents, come to Dwell Home Furnishings & Interior Design for a little help or complete interior design services.