Our company began in 1997 as a home furnishings franchise called Expressions Custom Furniture, owned by Cheri Hochstetler.  The “Dwell Concept” was a vision of Cheri’s and brought to fruition in 2006 with the addition of partners Jeff Draker and John O’Meara. Dwell has since become a destination showroom, well-known for its outstanding selection of interior furnishings and our team of designers.

Our showroom has 14,000 SF of beautiful vignettes, curated by the Dwell team from over 250 high-end industry partners. The majority of our vendors sell to-the-trade only, which means that the products we carry are both unique and exclusive. Our showroom product is continuously refreshed and restaged because we sell directly off the floor in addition to special ordering. There are always new things to see here. Our collections range from classic to modern and on-trend to progressive. We are proud to say that many of our upholstery vendors are owned, operated, and manufacture throughout the United States, which helps us support our domestic economy.

In addition to furnishing your home, we have a robust offering of professional design services from our team of designers. Some examples of this work include wholistic home design, interior renovations, conceptual visualization, furnishing executive homes, furnishing home-away-from homes, furnishing second homes, furnishing vacation homes, light commercial design, and even furniture restoration. There’s not much we can’t do or have a local recommendation for. We are always excited by the types of projects we are invited into and are grateful for your business.

Meet the Dwell Team