Shopping for home furnishings at Dwell

The market is flooded with online retailers and home furnishing stores that prioritize convenience over all else. When you shop with Dwell to furnish your home, you’ll notice some distinct differences. 


While they can be cute, cheap, and convenient for the first few months that they hold up, you’ll soon find that convenience furnishings are not built to last–they are built to be replaced. Two of the most apparent examples of this can be seen in the production methods and type of coverings chosen. There is a big difference between manufactured metal-based componentry that is cranked out one after another on a production line, versus bench built wooden frames that are hand-finished from start to end. When it comes to production methods, we’ll choose quality and craftsmanship every time.

As another example, “leather” is a broadly used term. When shopping for a leather product, don’t be fooled by tricky terms. If you want a thick, treated, lasting leather, “top grain” and “full grain” is what you should be looking for. Any of the following should be avoided: Corrected grain, embossed grain, split suede, nubuck suede grain, reconstituted leather, bonded leather, fibre leather. On the lowest end of the spectrum is fibre leather, which some manufacturers can still call “genuine leather”. This is akin to comparing MDF board to hardwood flooring and calling it “genuine wood”. At Dwell, we choose high quality materials and durability over fast and cheap.

On-Staff Designers

Dwell is fortunate to employ some very talented Interior Designers. We love our jobs and are here to help you make your home beautiful! We specialize in navigating the nuances of the industry for you – from finding the most appropriate upholsteries for your lifestyle, to space planning your rooms so your furnishings are right-sized and balanced. We also have an abundance of creative energy, always ready to apply our tool kit of 250+ vendors to your unique interior style.

Touch and Test

Nothing beats seeing, touching, and sitting in a piece of furniture before you purchase. We invest heavily in this concept with a huge showroom so that you can experience your investments prior to purchasing. Because of this commitment we have become a regional destination for homeowners, builders, realtors, and independent designers!

Customer Service Support

We will never give you a 1-800 number to call. We have staff dedicated to facilitating customer service issues and any questions that you may have. 

White Glove Delivery

Bringing home new furnishings is so exciting! Except when you realize you have to haul it inside, assemble it, and dispose of all the packaging by yourself. When you order with us we take all of the hassle out of the process. We inspect each item upon arrival and take responsibility for damages. Our skilled team of heavy lifters will come into your home and assemble your rooms per your and your designers’ specifications. They leave with your spaces looking like a magazine!

Supporting Local

During Covid-19 and the recent Iowan Derecho, it has become abundantly clear that supporting local businesses has a direct impact on our local economy. Not only does it keep money in our community, but it upholds the values we believe in. At Dwell, we believe in being fully invested in our community, which is why we are happy to donate to and support local charities, as well as develop a network of local recommendations to share with our customers. Never has it been more apparent that we are truly all in this together.


Coralville Iowa interior design conceptual design and installation

As we’re spending more time at home, you might find yourself looking at your surroundings with a critical eye and feeling the urge to update, modify, or improve what you see. Here are some common home interior design complaints that we hear, as well as some inspirational images to share what we’ve done to address them for our clients with creative solutions.

“The layout in this room just isn’t working anymore.”

Perhaps you’ve had some family move out or into your house and need to update your seat count. Maybe it is time to bring your main living room furniture down to the basement and upgrade the more formal living room. A great way to interact with our designers during this time of distancing is to discuss room layouts and space planning options. Let us help you optimize your space for both the size of the room and the amount of people that will be using it. Here’s an example of a recent space planning study that opened some really great dialogue with the home owners.

Coralville Iowa Interior Design Service Room Layout

“These walls feel dated.”

We’re hearing people say that their walls are feeling either bare, crowded, or dated. This is a great time to update your photographs and artwork. Here is a fun example of a wallscape exercise that we’ve recently completed to spark your creativity. Keep an eye out for our next blog too, where we’ll be talking about how to bring the outdoors inside with greenery inspired artwork.

Coralville Iowa interior design conceptual design and installation

“Our light fixtures just don’t go together.” 

In an ideal world, we would have endless budgets to incorporate beautiful lighting all at once. But more often than not, lighting seems to be something we do in stages, as we go from room to room while updating. Because of this, it can end up looking disjointed and like an afterthought.

We’re starting to see some really great expansions within our lighting lines to incorporate families of lights in companion styles. For example, a pendant might come in multiple sizes, with sconces and chandeliers that compliment each other without being too matchy-matchy. This helps tremendously when looking at lighting projects holistically. The fixtures in this image show that you can get a variety of shapes and sizes, and even with different finishes, that still look like they belong together.

Coralville Iowa interior design lighting fixture options


To connect with our Design Team, email On behalf of the entire Dwell Team, we wish you happiness and good health. We are grateful for your business.