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Designing for Masculine Spaces

Modern Loft Industrial and Masculine Design

Who says a man cave can’t have some style? Masculine spaces can have an interior design that is welcoming, comfortable, and stylish for everyone. The right choices in design elements—from color to materials to lighting—will level up a bachelor’s living room, make a man cave more inviting, and overhaul an office. Check out some recent interior design projects, and come along with us as we review our favorite masculine design ideas.

Masculine Design

Masculine interior design is characterized by high contrast, moody colors, and sharp lines. However, it’s more than just dark colors, bulky shapes, and rough materials. This design style is popular due to the livable, cozy feel that keeps it practical but with an inviting nature that draws you in!

Interiors that delve into the masculine style don’t get creative with the floor plan but rather stick to a more clear-cut layout. These interiors ditch the curves and find balance in straight lines and geometric shapes.

Masculine Modern Lake Home Seating

Masculine Materials and Textures

When you imagine a masculine space, wood, leather, brick, and stone come to mind. The textures tend toward sharper, geometric, and tweedy, while colors are neutral, natural, and medium to dark. Patterns like stripes and tweeds make us think menswear, and deep, rich leather make us think cigar lounge.  Some elements of masculine interior design include:

  • Geometric patterns
  • Large-scale, comfortable furniture
  • Darker, richer colors
  • Raw materials
  • Dramatic lighting

Masculine Rooms

Masculine design can be incorporated in just about any space. The most obvious places are places guys hang out. That could be a man’s home or apartment, or rooms dedicated to the man of the house—a basement man cave, an office space, or a specialized rooms for enjoying pastimes. However, masculine interior designs not exclusively for men. These design narratives are warm and cozy, appealing to many.  With good interior design and quality furnishings, any space can be transformed into a more masculine, comfortable, and functional environment.

Urban Industrial Main Level Living Room

Curating Masculine Design

What interior design styles work with masculine design? Minimalism and contemporary designs go hand in hand when used for a more sophisticated masculine look. For instance, explore examples like our Masculine Modern lake home or Urban Industrial home. These interior design styles incorporate geometric patterns, darker neutral colors, and great lighting. For a more rustic and industrial vibe, lean into farmhouse style, where dark wood contrasts with neutral colors to achieve a rugged aesthetic. Adding masculine elements to different design styles gives your space a well-rounded, curated design story. Get inspiration from our previous post.

When creating a shared space with a masculine theme, we recommend minimizing accessories and prioritizing comfort and quality for a no-fuss look and feel that everyone will love. The furniture can be heavier and more luxurious, and the area rug can add a touch of femininity. By combining these contrasting styles, you can create a space full of personality! This approach can be applied to any room in the house, whether it’s a family living room or a shared office/guest room. Learn more about designing dual-purpose rooms.

Remember the Lighting

Man caves are often associated with dark colors and dimly lit spaces, but it’s important to have the ability to light a space for multiple uses—and light will be important when using darker furnishings, rugs, and colors. Ambient lighting can serve a crucial role in making a room functional and inviting. Smart home technology can streamline lighting controls. For example, in a theater room, the lights can be tied into the home hub to lower the lights when the movie plays. Don’t get bogged down with the specifics of renovating your home or revamping a room. The diverse design team at Dwell Home Furnishings and Interior Design can resolve any interior design dilemma. For your next renovation or build, we can help you achieve the perfect interior design style for your family’s needs and preferences. Visit the Dwell showroom in Coralville or schedule your design appointment today!


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