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Interior Design Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Have you just purchased or moved into your first home? Are you ready to make it your own with a kitchen refresh and some pops of colorful furniture, accessories and art? Now, without rental constraints and landlord oversight, you can make your home reflect your personality! With a bit of interior designer input, you can save money and time planning renovations with an expert who works with homeowners and contractors every day.

The interior design team at Dwell Home Furnishings & Interior Design would be thrilled to partner with you on making smart choices for your space. Even if you have a small budget, interior design expertise can help you clarify your vision and stay on budget as you personalize your space. First, let’s review a few things to think about as you get to know your new home, your style and your dreams for making it super functional and stunning, just for you!

Start with Your Tastes

First of all, take some time to think about your likes and dislikes as well as your preferred interior design style. Do your current furnishings fit with what you love? Your tastes may have changed since your days as a renter. Plus, it’s likely you have more space to work with in your new home. Check out our blog for interior design inspiration.

The wonderful thing about owning your own home is making it speak your language! So, gather some ideas, jot some notes, pin some photos and call us to make an appointment for an interior design consultation at Dwell. Our experienced interior designers can help refine your style and color preferences into plans that can make your entire design process easier and more affordable. For example, we may be able to recommend a kitchen cabinet refresh that you haven’t considered, which could save you thousands.

Even if you want to DIY some updates, such as painting a feature wall or choosing new accent furniture and accessories, you can have a stronger sense of your style following a consultation.

Minimal Mid-Century Living Room Fireplace

We’re happy to help you get started with interior design projects, small or large.

Assess the Space

If you have moved into a much larger home, you may have space you didn’t have before. Do you have a walkout basement that you’re not sure how to furnish? Maybe there’s room for a home office or theater—these can be significant investments that pay off in more convenient and comfortable entertaining.

Are the window treatments in need of updating? The right blinds and draperies can add elegant or casual style along with the privacy and room darkening you need. Learn more about draperies.

Do your current furnishings match the scale and style of the home? A large great room can swallow up diminutive furniture, making people feel uncomfortable and small. Likewise, huge armoires and dressers can overwhelm what could be a quaint bedroom. Look at ways to maximize storage and save space to provide a sense of calm and ease. Take an honest look at whether your current furniture fits in the space and brings the right feel to your home.

Color Your World

One of the favorite DIY projects of first-time homebuyers is painting. Not only can painting the walls and ceilings transform a room from cold and stark to warm and inviting, but it is also an affordable project most people can do themselves or with friends.

For many people, the tricky part is choosing colors. Of course, our interior designers can help you set the right tone with color and mood boards. You can also go to the paint store for swatches and small samples of paint designed to help with color selection. This may be an important step because the way natural and artificial light interact in the space will affect how the color appears. If you need to, purchase paint samples to confirm your choices and brush or roll 12-inch swatches on the walls. If you’re really unsure about making a choice, let them dry and look at them at different times of the day. And remember, it’s just paint! It doesn’t have to be there forever, so the stakes are low if you choose a color you don’t like.

Furnish & Accessorize

Let’s say you like the colors or want to live with them before tackling a painting project. You may be able to make some parts of your home more cohesive with new accessories and furniture. Accessorize with colorful pillows and art—and don’t forget the lamps! You’ll want the right lighting for your reading nook, and a floor lamp can add a lot of pizzazz and illumination to that space.

Of course, you can replace a couple of pieces or start fresh with all of the furniture if your budget allows. Fill a music corner with a new set of shelves or add a comfy chair and petite side table to the living room or master bedroom. You might be surprised at how small changes can freshen up your new home! Area rugs are another wonderful way to accessorize or add a seasonal lift to a room, and Dwell Home Furnishings showroom in Coralville is full of on-trend area rugs.

Whether you’re looking for one unique piece or a set for a family room, Dwell offers quality furniture brands that stand the test of time.

Visit our showroom for items you can purchase today.

Looking Forward

If your new home features odd spaces that just aren’t functional for you, the interior design team at Dwell would be happy to help you develop remodeling plans. We’ll work with you to develop a floor plan that works better for you and your family, and we can follow the process through to completion, saving you time and providing in-depth knowledge and professional experience with the process, which the average homeowner just doesn’t have.

You deserve to have your first home match your lifestyle and family. Take the time to focus on interior design with our expert eyes on the space. We’ll show you how to make it better so you can appreciate and love your home for years to come. Make your appointment with an interior designer today!


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