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Design Concepts for Exterior Spaces

design concepts for exterior spaces

Iowans love the idea of a patio or deck, but when faced with how to make the outdoor space look great and work for their needs, they’re stumped. Don’t let these exterior spaces fall victim to becoming a random collection of plastic furniture! As we did with our blog on three-season rooms, we’re now offering some guidance on design concepts for exterior spaces.

Good Design Connects Indoors and Outdoors

Make the most of exterior spaces by designing them to connect the house and the outdoors. This means thoughtful planning to connect the deck or patio to the house and transition into the yard. Some of this begins with the original house design. Whether you have a patio extending from a walk-out basement or a deck off of the three-season room, the design goal is to ensure flow from indoors to outdoors and back again.

The main connection to focus on should be the style of your outdoor space. Continuing the styling or color palette from your interiors will truly make our outdoor spaces feel like an extension of the home. With the wide variety of designs and innovations outdoor furnishings don’t need to look all the same from house to house. Just like the custom upholstery and case goods Dwell offers for interiors, this can also be true for exterior selections. Styles vary, allowing you to blend your interior design style with your exterior design style. Curating an outdoor space to meet your needs is just another one of our specialties

Crisp Sunroom Seating

The view is one of the major considerations in connecting your home to the beauty outside. You will want to place furnishings and accessories—such as sun umbrellas—so they don’t block your favorite views. These items can also be placed so you aren’t looking directly at a neighbor’s shed or fence.

Zoning for Outdoor Activities

As you would with the interior of your home, you can arrange deck or patio furniture, lighting, and accessories to accommodate zones for the things you enjoy, such as:

  • Cooking and dining
  • Game nights
  • Reading
  • Relaxing
  • Hanging out with friends

Having a proper floor plan and functional layout is just as important for these exterior spaces, as it is for interior spaces. For those who find peace in a morning coffee, or an evening read at sunset, think about where you could place a lounge chair that provides a pleasant view. Put the grill where it isn’t too close to the house or upwind of windows, and consider creating an outdoor kitchen and bar if you entertain a lot.

University Presidents Home Outdoor Deck Furniture

Other activities might require indoor/outdoor access to games, a fridge, the vegetable garden, etc. Remember that you may need storage for cushions and games—and access to outlets for fans, cleaning tools, and so on.

Fun and Durable Furnishings

Durability and comfort prevail in outdoor furnishings, and today’s options are quite exciting! Outdoor furnishings include easy-clean, sun-resistant options for tables, chairs, benches, swings, and storage. Even with the myriad of durable options, with our wonderful Iowa winters, we also recommend the proper sizing and quality of furniture covers to protect and increase the life of our outdoor furnishings.

You don’t have to struggle with design for exterior spaces around your home. The Dwell Home Furnishings and Interior Design team can make it easier for you to connect your home to a patio or deck. Please contact us today for a consultation.


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