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Well-Rounded Design Execution

abby and eve in dwell furniture showroom

When Eve joined Dwell as a design partner, she would often switch between various projects with different designers, requiring her to frequently shift focus. In May 2021, Eve became a solidified member of Abby’s team and the partners have been moving forward and growing together ever since.

At the beginning of their partnership, Eve assisted Abby with smaller tasks to get a better understanding of Eve’s skills. Nearing three years of working together, Abby and Eve now divide out tasks and workload evenly.

Before the team format, Abby had been working on her own. While working as an individual, she could bounce ideas off fellow designers, but the core of the work was still on her shoulders.

“This type of partnership is something I never had the privilege to have before and it is a huge asset to our success,” Abby said.

Abby and Eve’s favorite workdays at Dwell are when the two are collaborating in the design studio, pulling fabrics, finishes, and tangible items that make the project come together. While working on different aspects of the same project together, they can produce outstanding results in a shorter timeframe. As designers, they try to have a flexible sense of style as it is needed to discover the style of the clients as they immerse themselves in that world, however, they of course have their tastes! Both favor the cozy contemporary side of the design spectrum, with Eve leaning a little more toward a boho, textural natural design and Abby leaning more on the modern patterns and high contrast side. The combinations of styles they bring to the table further enhance the well-rounded design deliverables to the clients.

Over the years, the two have become an established and solidified team that pushes creative boundaries while meeting client needs. Abby acknowledges that Eve’s drive and work ethic allow the pair to accomplish more and stay artistic.

“This type of working partnership has really enhanced the design output we are able to give clients,” Abby said. “It gives us more time to really hone in on the details of a project, but at the same time not get so pigeonholed into one design style or frame of thinking.”

Industrial Glam Sectional and Ottoman

Industrial Glam

Designer Abby Craighton and Design Partner Eve Sloan kicked off the remodel with the full-scope design plan and worked hand in hand with local contractors and suppliers to execute the full vision for their clients.

The duo believes in a curated design, which is why working together can bring together unique styles and achieve a well-rounded design execution. The pair are flexible in their work, as each project and client have distinctive needs and style preferences. By immersing themselves in the world and lifestyle of the client, they transform homes to be harmonious and functional.

Whether you’re looking to update your décor, renovate your home, or do a new build, Dwell Home Furnishings and Interior Design offers quality furnishings and accessories as well as personalized interior design services. Contact us for your personal interior design consultation.


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