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New Sleeper Sofas Combine Beauty & Function

american leather comfort sleeper

Too often when families gather and night falls, some unlucky relative gets to pull out the sleeper sofa and has a restless night’s sleep on a flimsy mattress with support from a steel bar. Maybe you’ve been that unlucky relative. However, newer sleeper sofas erase any concerns you might have about assigning family to the “pullout.” Or to put it in other terms, “This isn’t your grandfather’s sleeper sofa.”

Today’s Sleeper Sofas Outshine Predecessors

Sleeper sofas or sofa beds as they’re often called have gone through an evolution that is nothing short of amazing. Gone are the bars and springs that left some people preferring to sleep on the floor. Instead, many now offer solid platforms that provide even, comfortable support provided you choose the right model.

Comfort Sleeper® by American Leather is a great example. By day, you have a luxurious leather sofa, even a sectional if you prefer. By night, a comfortable place to lay your head—and body. Taller than average? That’s not a problem because these sleeping surfaces are 80-inches long, 8 inches longer than the average sleepers.

But, best of all are options. The old saying, “one size doesn’t fit all” gets a boost in the sleeper sofa market. Comfort Sleeper® has sofa beds in 7 sizes ranging from king to cot and everything in between. These size options provide design options for smaller spaces that you might not have considered. Couple one of these new designs with a Tempur-Pedic® mattress available in three levels of firmness and you have more than a sleeper sofa; you have a great bed!

Comfort Sleeper Sofa Sizes
Size drawings courtesy Comfort Sleeper® by American Leather

While we tend to think of sleeper sofas for times when family or friends visit and we need an extra bed, a high quality sleeper sofa can also provide a space saving solution for a studio apartment. Whether you’re a young professional just starting out or a parent trying to help, Comfort Sleeper by American Leather is a good option to consider. A well-made and functional piece of furniture is a feature that can be used in many places in your home or apartment or even passed on to other family members. With designs ranging from sectionals to loveseats, you have many Comfort Sleeper® options.

Limited Sleeper Sofa Sale

From now through Sept. 27, Dwell Home Furnishings & Interior Design in Coralville is featuring $300 off any Comfort Sleeper® by American Leather. It’s an incredible savings on an important addition to any home. Stop by our showroom at 250 12th Avenue in Coralville and visit us on Facebook. You’ll find more than sleeper sofas. You’ll find timeless designs!


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