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Dwell Wood Shop and Furniture Repair

You know that cool old chair your family has passed down to you—the one with the loose arm? Wouldn’t you love to freshen it up, repair it, and fit it into your current home décor? With some gluing and refinishing, it can be like new! The Dwell Wood Shop and Furniture Repair is looking for furnishings that need some TLC to transform them into your new favorite! We’re guessing you or someone you know has a piece of old or antique wood furniture that is scratched, worn, or dated. If so, know that it may be possible to repair and refresh it back to its full function and beauty.

TLC for Old Wood Furniture

Maybe you have come to despise an old chair or sofa because it looks worn and out of date. Maybe time has taken a toll on your antique dining room table. Or, maybe you have handed-down furniture that doesn’t fit your interior design style. The experienced pros at Dwell Wood Shop and Furniture Repair can help bring it all together by renewing the furniture with similar finishes. Plus, they can tighten loose joints on chairs, sofas, and tables, making them sturdier than ever.

Older furniture is usually very well built out of old growth wood. The quality construction presents an opportunity to update your home by refinishing wood furniture and reupholstering chairs and sofas.

That’s where Dwell Wood Shop and Furniture Repair shines. With experts like Mike Pitlick managing the repair and restoration of older furnishings, you will see your old furnishings in a new light.

People like Mike are a rare breed. For 36 years, he has worked in wood and furniture restoration. Mike does everything from refinishing furniture to gluing joints and making repairs. He even crafts parts to replace missing or damaged pieces, such as table legs and chair posts, rails, and stiles. As Mike notes, “You can’t just go to the store and buy a table leg for a formal dining set from the 1940s.”

While some of the work Mike does involves refinishing and matching stains, he also finds himself working on dresser drawers that don’t slide properly or finding replacement hardware for furniture that’s lost a handle or knob over the years. Chairs can be disassembled and reglued to add decades to their useful life. Mike knows that antique furnishings often have some of their best years ahead, and Dwell Wood Shop and Furniture Repair can help you enjoy them for generations.

Furniture Renovation Challenges

You might think older furniture would be the most challenging to restore, but Mike says newer furniture can present more challenges.

“Newer furniture often has multiple steps and stages of stains and glazes. We try to match that, because there are often companion pieces. Still, the layers make it difficult.”

And Mike says he sometimes gets a challenge that is extremely difficult to fix, like a deep scratch that’s perpendicular to the grain.

Mike feels the proudest when he can repair a piece of furniture that has meaning to the owner. Perhaps it’s giving a new life to an heirloom rocking chair or family dining table that has passed from generation to generation. Mike admits he gets sentimental about those pieces and the owners’ reactions.

“The best is when people are so pleased with the work that it brings a tear to their eye. That always brings a tear to my eye, too.”

From refinishing to restoring to wood furniture repairs, Dwell Wood Shop and Furniture Repair can help you keep special chairs, tables, armoires, and other wood furnishings in the family. And if a piece does need to be replaced, you can visit Dwell Home Furnishings and Interior Design for high-quality, new furnishings that you can pass on to the next generation.

Dwell Wood Shop and Furniture Repair

Dwell Wood Shop and Furniture Repair in Coralville performs a variety of wood furniture repairs and restorations. Dwell Wood Shop and Furniture Repair is located at 2010 James St. Suite B & C in Coralville, Iowa. Take some pictures of your wood furniture project and call 319-338-1647 to learn what Mike can do to make it like new again.


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