Planning for the Holidays During Covid-19

2020 has been a strange, difficult journey, and that’s putting it lightly. As the holiday season approaches, you might be feeling apprehensive or hesitant to plan and decorate as you normally would. And while the holidays will certainly look different this year than what we are used to, we believe that thoughtful reflection and purposeful rituals can bring a sense of peace and gratitude amidst the chaos and unknowns. Here are four meaningful ways to plan for a holiday season during Covid-19.

Tried and True Tradition

Stick to tradition and decorate as you normally would. Get out your favorite decorations from years past and surround yourself with memories. It is good for our mental health to continue our beloved rituals at home even when the world outside is a little different.

Gifts from the Heart

If you’ll be spending the holidays away from loved ones, a meaningful gift can bring a sense of connection to both parties. Consider something more personalized to show you care. Photography and plants always make for a heartfelt gift. We have some beautiful selections of pottery for plantings and some frames coming out soon for the holiday season here at Dwell.

Small Celebrations

It’s not the number of guests that matter, but the reason for celebrating. Just like our decorating traditions, treat yourself to a wonderful holiday meal, but plan ahead for cooking for fewer people. Consider doing Zoom calls with family and friends that you won’t be able to see in person. So set that table beautifully–just for two rather than ten–and cheers to your virtual guests.


Starting the weekend of 11.14.20, we will start to introduce our holiday décor to the showroom floor. Here are some sneak peeks to inspire you and get your decorating wheels turning! 

As you plan for your holiday season, we here at Dwell send you warm wishes of cozy celebrations and peaceful traditions. May your homes be full of love and light.