Interior Design Trends From Dwell Home Furnishings-Coralville, IA

Interior Design Trends – Fresh From Market

For professionals in the interior design industry, going to High Point Market in the fall or spring is like being a kid in a candy store. There’s the serious business of networking and assessing new merchandise and interior design trends, but it’s also a chance to renew creative energy and bring back ideas for your own market.

Designer Krystal Loes of Dwell Home Furnishings has gone to the High Point, NC Market for several years and always comes back to her Coralville home furnishing business with fresh interior design inspiration.

“As a buyer, we can set trends for our own area based on what we see at market. This is something Dwell Home Furnishings does very well—it’s what we’re known for,” according to Krystal. Market ideas can also push clients to do more edgy things, more than they might do otherwise.

High Point Market Provides New Interior Design Trends

So what interior design ideas had the wow factor at the High Point Market? Krystal says too much to just pick one or two. Creative interior lighting topped her list. So did the mixture of colors and metals. “Navy is definitely hot, but we saw unique ways to use this familiar color. Some of that was mixing navy with metals including brass, which we saw a lot of.”

In fact, expect to see brass blended with other colors like black. Mixing metals like brass with brushed nickel was popular at High Point Market, too.

But for overall style, Krystal was struck by the popularity of mid-century rustic design. Previously she had seen mid-century modern but the rustic brings in rich textures and layers that Krystal thinks her clients will like. It also moves colors away from popular gray to warmer hues.

Adapting Interior Design Trends To Clients

Most showcases of new trends tend to “push the envelope” and provide a whole new look each season. That’s certainly true in fashion shows, but Krystal says not so with High Point Market. She says you can always use touches of what you see market throughout an entire home, giving it a fresh look. Krystal says one of the things market does for designers is to help them visualize new interior design trends for their clients. With the latest styles and product offerings top of mind, we can paint a picture of what we envision for a home.

“Clients appreciate the fresh ideas and the fact that we bring them back from market. High Point is the mothership of furniture production in the U.S. so this market is always an important one,” said Krystal.

New ideas from market aren’t the only thing new at Dwell Home Furnishings. Dwell has been doing significant remodeling lately. If you’d like to see what’s up, visit our Dwell Home Furnishings and Interior Design Facebook page and stay in touch!


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