Ekornes Stressless City High Back Recliner

Ekornes Stressless City High Back Recliner

A comfortable chair should be part of every living room, home theater or office, and an Ekornes Stressless chair is the holiday gift that keeps on giving comfort and joy. If you know someone who just won’t let go of that favorite old chair, it’s time to introduce them to stressless chairs

Why Stressless Chairs?

Back Problems – If you have back or neck problems, stressless chairs provide the lumbar support you need for comfort and healing. People rave in reviews about them being the only chairs they sit in, and that their Ekornes chairs provide comfort, despite that they have preexisting back and neck problems, like arthritis and degenerative disc disease.

Durability – Ekornes Stressless furniture has been known to withstand more than two decades and still look great and feel the same as they did the day they were purchased. Other brands will have worn leather after a few years and springs poking out every direction after less than a 10 years. These chairs are more pricey than the competition, but the quality will ensure that it is well worth the up-front investment.

What Kind of Stressless Furniture is Available?

Ekornes Stressless Consul in brown with footstool

Ekornes Stressless Consul Recliner

Recliners – Every home needs a recliner, and stressless recliners take comfort to a new level.  Ekornes has several styles of recliners with ottomans, from compact to maximum padding. Low back recliners and other sleek styles that will be perfect for in front of the entertainment center, or in the reading corner.

Home Office Chairs – You sit by your desk for hours per day, so comfort is key to good posture and keeping your back strong and healthy. If you know someone who has a desk chair that is on its last leg, Christmas is the perfect time to breathe a little life into their home office with an Ekornes Stressless Office Chair.

Home Theater Chairs – Your theater room could have the most comfortable seating in the house. You won’t want to go to the movies anymore, because your theater chairs will be far superior with the Ekornes Stressless Home Theater Collection.

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift that will provide comfort for years to come, check out the Ekornes Stressless chair collection at Dwell Home Furnishings today. If we don’t have it in store, we can order it.

Haven Dining Table at Dwell Home Furnishings in Coralville.

Haven Dining Table

Your family is coming to gather for the holidays and your old dining table will not seat enough people, you have no place to set out the buffet, and some of your dining room chairs are not sturdy enough for company. It may be time for an upgrade from the table you used in college to some dining room furniture that looks like it belongs to the young professional that you are.

Dining room sets are a thing of the past, so you can create a dining experience that is unique to you with select chairs, tables and buffet tables or sidebars. Dining room furniture should be both beautiful and functional and, if coordinated well, will give your family a comfortable place to gather while making a statement about your style.

What’s Trendy in Dining Tables?

Cyrise Dining Chair at Dwell Home Furnishings in Coralville.

Cyrise Dining Chair

Your table no longer needs to blend with the hardwood floors or window trim in your home.

  • Texture will add an interesting focal point, and a rustic roughhewn wood dining table can provide texture in almost any shade or style.
  • Glass top tables might be the way to go for a sleek dining room décor with a more formal feel. This is one trend to stay away from if you have little kids with greasy hands.
  • Traditional wood dining tables with decorative legs are timeless, especially if you’re redecorating an older home.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match the sleek contemporary dining tables of today with more vintage décor.

Dining Chairs for Comfort and Style

Your family will spend a fair amount of time sitting at your dining room table, whether it is family meals, game time or homework, so you want your dining room to be comfortable and stylish. Think about who will be using your dining chairs. People with children will want chairs that wipe off easily, while more mature couples may want the comfort of upholstery for when guests visit. The amount of space you have in your dining area will also play into the equation of whether to choose a more compact design, or bench seating, rather than a larger design of upholstered captain’s chairs.

  • Traditional wood styles are always safe and timeless.
  • Leather upholstery is sleek, and comfortable, but still provide an easily cleaned surface.
  • Upholstered chairs are a great option to add color and texture, or even work a pattern into your dining room décor.
  • Rustic wood chairs can provide an interesting base for further experimentation with rustic décor.
  • Contemporary wood and molded metal chairs offer a smaller design and allow your other décor to catch the attention of visitors. They often save space if there is limited room available.

A Table that’s Functional and Fits with Your Décor

When you’re looking for a new buffet table to fill that empty wall in the dining room, consider what you want to use it for. If your love of wine leaves you with a cabinet full of bottles, a sideboard with a wine rack and wine glass holders may be the perfect fit for your family. You may just be seeking extra storage for your “good dishes” or table clothes. Your new buffet could feature:

  • Spacious cabinets
  • Drawers
  • Wine racks and glass holders
  • Elegant, classic, rustic or contemporary design

No matter what your taste in furniture and décor, the possibilities for creating a comfortable, beautiful or stylish dining room are endless.

If you need help putting together the perfect dining room for the holiday, or just want to add one piece of furniture, the interior designers and staff at Dwell Home Furnishings & Interior Design can help.

Your new baby will go from infant, to toddler, to teenager in the blink of an eye, and if you buy nursery furniture wisely now, your child can grow up with the same stylish bedroom set that Convertible Cribthey start out with.  The modern furniture industry has taken the short phases of childhood into account, so you can buy one set of furniture that will last a lifetime.

The Convertible Crib – Buy for Your Baby’s Future

Find a crib that will grow with the needs of your child. Many of the new cribs are designed to be converted to toddler beds, daybeds and even full size beds complete with a headboard and footboard. Some of brands give you all of those options in one convertible crib design. You will be able to find beautiful, high quality traditional, contemporary or chic furniture that will suit your sense of style.

Changing Your Idea of a Great Changing Table

A changing table can be a temporary piece of furniture that you use for a year or 2 to hold diapers and other baby care items, or it can double as a dresser 4-in-1 Toddler Bedor chest of drawers that can offer extra storage for your child’s belongings for years to come. Let’s face it, 90% of the time, you may not be in your child’s bedroom to use the changing table anyway, so you might as well put your money into a piece of furniture you will get some use out of. Some dressers for children come with a changing topper that converts a stylish set of drawers into a changing table. When your child is no longer in diapers, simply remove the changing topper and put it in storage.

Choosing Baby Furniture Perfect for Your Little Surprise

If you are decorating for your first baby, it might be enticing to make purchases that are gender specific. Every little girl should have a room as beautiful as she is, right? Choosing nursery furniture without knowing the baby’s gender might help you buy the perfect set for this baby, and all of his or her little siblings. It will be easier to choose furniture that you love that is not biased toward one gender or the other. You can always accent with wall colors and décor that scream princess, or future baseball star. A colorful area rug, wall décor or wall decal can change the tone of a room without the 4-in-1 Daybedpurchase of a complete bedroom set if you are blessed with a girl and a boy.

The crib sheets and bedding that you choose will instantly transform your baby’s crib into the perfect space for your little princess, or your tiny sports addict.

A Chair for Mom and those Late Nights

Whether you choose a traditional rocking chair, or a comfy arm chair for your baby’s room, it is nice to have a place to relax with your little one during those middle-of-the-night feedings. You may choose a chair that is more gender specific for the nursery, even though it is a bigger piece of furniture. A 4-in-1 Full Bed (1)nice chair can follow your child through the ages, and be that one piece of furniture that your child keeps, even if they do have younger siblings.

Dwell to Open Kids Furniture Store

If you are looking for great nursery furniture that will grow with your children, call Dwell Home Furnishings today and be one of the first people to check out our new store, DwellKids. DwellKids will be open by appointment until early Oct., and then the store will have regular hours. The store will be located just north of the Coral Ridge Mall, at 2431 Coral Court #4 in Coralville.

Coffee Tables At Dwell Home Furnishings - Coralville, IA1. Accessorize Your Table Tops – Find a couple of conversation pieces to set on a table or bookshelf. The right home accessories can add interest to a room. Blank table tops are not intriguing, but the right mix of statues, decorative platters or candle holders can dress up a room and give any room a more eclectic look.

2. Hang Some Wall Art – Whether you keep it with a theme, or just hang random pieces of wall art and photos that you love, your house will feel more like home with the right wall art. You will want to make sure that even if they do not follow a theme, that the wall art that you choose all complement each other.

3. Put Down An Area Rug – You can add texture to the room or if your furniture is neutral, an area rug is a great way to add a little more color. Area rugs can create a nice foundation for an otherwise bland looking room, without replacing all of the furniture in the room.

4. Window Treatments for a Little Shade and Color – Block the bright sun while using new shade, blinds, curtains or drapes to accessorize the room. Whether you choose a bold or muted solid color, or a want to mix it up with a print on your window treatment, your windows can be dressed up as an eye-catching focal point in your room. If your room has a great view, use window treatments to draw attention to the beautiful outdoors.

  • Hang them high – Close to the ceiling or crown molding
  • Hang them wide – To cover the entire window frame, make sure window treatments go 4 to 6 inches past the side of the frame to make the window appear larger.
  • The longer the better – In low traffic areas, you can actually allow the curtains or drapes to puddle on the floor, while in high traffic areas you will want to stop just short of the floor so the fabric does not pick up dirt.

5. Change the Ambiance with New Lighting – Glass chandeliers, rustic lamps, or modern contemporary lighting can help define your style. Dimmers can create a romantic mood, or a floor lamp in the corner will offer the perfect light for reading. You can choose lighting that best suits your style, and your home’s character.

6. A Colorful, Comfortable Chair – You might want most of your furniture to be neutral in color or style for the sake of being adaptable to styles over the years, but sometimes a colorful chair or fun upholstery design can be just what a room needs to feel like it’s your own style. Mix a cool chair with a few of the other suggestions, and your room will have its own unique flare.

7. Warm Up the Wall Paint – White walls can be pretty drab, but choosing a great wall paint color for your wall, or even a neutral along with an accent color can change the dynamics of a room.

8. Organize with Shelving or Unique Baskets – We all have a little clutter sitting around, but all of that can have its own place with the right organization system. Drawers are great, but people default to “the junk drawer,” so a combination of shelving and baskets might be a better option. Your belongings and paperwork will be easily accessible, but will still be organized in a system that looks great.

A Combination of Interior Design Ideas

You may not be able to tackle everything at the same time, but if you have a vision keep making changes to your space until it is exactly as you want it.

If you need help or are looking for unique wall art, home décor or furniture, come to Dwell Home Furnishings & Interior Design in Coralville and check out the wide variety of furniture and décor.

Textured Home Accents - Dwell Home Furnishings - Coralville - Iowa CityMixing patterns and textures in your interior design and decorating efforts can add style and interest, or it can go overwhelmingly wrong. You don’t want your home to look like you just couldn’t decide which colors and designs you like, but you do want it to look like the furniture and accent pieces were chosen with a certain feel in mind.

Let Your Room Design Make a Statement

Do you want your room to make a bold statement, look like an elegant mansion from the past, or be a subtle place to spend peaceful moments? You can choose your color scheme and patterns with the room’s purpose in mind. You will want much different furniture, colors and patterns for a child’s room than you would for a formal dining room or a comfortable living room.

Make the room look larger with a rug that has vertical stripes, or make a large room feel cozy by using rugs to separate it into smaller seating areas with complementary but distinct qualities. In either case, the patterns and textures used can enhance the room.

Don’t Let Your Patterns Compete

bernhardt2One bold pattern in a room is enough, but you can still use smaller patterns to complement the bold one. Keep them in similar or more muted hues, or take a look at a color wheel, and use color families that are directly across from or next to the main color in the bold pattern. Colors directly across from each other on a color wheel are complementary, while those next to the main color you choose are analogous. While complementary colors together make a little bolder statement, analogous colors tens to look pleasant and less striking together.

Add Interest with Textured Furniture and Upholstery

Whether you have a wooden coffee table or headboard that has a rustic texture, or a chair that has a soft, rough, or patterned texture, it can add a whole new level of interest to the room. Texture can be a great way to complement a bold or subdued pattern that makes up the rooms point of interest.

Create a Focal Point in Your Room

You can use a patterned curtain, rug or wall paint design to create a focal point, or choose a piece of artwork that is fitting for your interior design goals. Whether your room is large or small, a strategically placed focal point will take your visitors mind off of size and attract them to your home’s style.

If you have a large and well-placed window with a view, you may just dress it up with a boldly patterned window covering. If the fireplace draws the eye of visitors, a wooden frame with material stretched over it might make a unique home accessory to hang above it as the focal point of the room.

Create a Foundation with a Great Area Rug

The right area rug will lay the base for the room. If you have a focal point on the wall, keep the area rug complementary and neutral. Area rugs can make a great focal point, but if you have bold curtains or wall décor, you will want your area rug to offer support to the room without being overwhelming.

Throw in Some Furniture for Color and TextureUsing Textures and Patterns in Decorating

If your walls or curtains have a bolder pattern, you may want to stick with a more muted pattern or some interesting texture in your home furnishings and accent pieces. If you choose two bold patterns for one room, you will find your home décor is in competition. Your eye won’t know where to go when you walk into the room, leaving you with a conflicted feeling.

No matter what type of colors you choose, or what patterns and textures you love, you can make any house a home with well-planned use of the 3 elements. If you are choosing furniture, rugs, window coverings or accents, come to Dwell Home Furnishings & Interior Design for a little help or complete interior design services.

Fusion (4)_0You want your patio to look fresh and inviting, but the patio furniture gets grimy just from sitting out in the wind and dust. People spill their drinks and drop their ice cream, but those outdoor furniture stains can be quickly cleaned for a brighter and more beautiful patio set.

Whether you have chosen wicker, metal or resin outdoor furniture, or furniture with cloth cushions and an umbrella, it can be kept clean and new looking for a long time with the right care and patio furniture protection measures. Here are a few cleaning and care tips for outdoor furniture.

Use What You Have – It’s Better for the Patio Furniture

Baking soda, bleach, borax, and Dawn Dishwashing soap are all inexpensive, and they are less abrasive than commercial brand cleaners as well.You want your patio to look fresh and inviting, but the patio furniture gets grimy just from sitting out in the wind and dust. People spill their drinks and drop their ice cream, but those outdoor furniture stains can be quickly cleaned for a brighter and more beautiful patio set.
Whether you have chosen wicker, metal or resin outdoor furniture, or furniture with cloth cushions and an umbrella, it can be kept clean and new looking for a long time with the right care and patio furniture protection measures.

Use What You Have – It’s Better for the Patio Furniture

Baking soda, bleach, borax, and Dawn Dishwashing soap are all inexpensive, and they are less abrasive than commercial brand cleaners as well.

Wooden Wicker

  • Cleaning – Use a dry rag, microfiber duster, feather duster, or soft bristle paint brush to get the dust off regularly. You can also use your vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. When wicker furniture needs a more thorough cleaning, a warm damp rag works well.
  • Stains and mildew – To clean stains and mildew off wicker furniture, a mixture of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water can be sprayed on the surface and wiped off with a rage or soft brush. Stains can also be wiped off of wicker with a mild soap and water mixture. Murphy Oil Soap works well.
  • Preservation – You can use paint or shellac to preserve wicker outdoor furniture. Leave the wicker dry for 2 full days before using your wicker patio set. You can use a thin coat of furniture wax to protect it even more.

Resin Wicker

  • Cleaning – Resin wicker furniture is a little easier to keep looking clean outdoors than wooden wicker because larger amounts of water can be used. You may want to vacuum it off before using water. A bucket of warm water with Dawn Dishwashing Detergent and a sponge or soft brush can be used to removed dirt. Then hose it down and allow it to dry before replacing cushions.
  • Mold and Mildew – Removing mold and mildew from resin wicker patio furniture can be done easily with a vinegar and water mixture, or for light colored wicker water with a little bleach will kill the mold.
  • Preservation and Storage – As with any outdoor furniture in Iowa, it is a good idea to bring faux wicker outdoor furniture out of the elements, but because it is made of manmade materials, it will not be as prone to weather damage and sun fading.

loom-finishesFabric Cushions

  • Cleaning – First, vacuum the cushion. Then mix 1 tsp. Dawn Dishwashing Detergent, and 1 tsp. Borax with 1 quart of warm water. Saturate the surface of the cushions on both sides with the solution. Wait a while, use a soft bristle brush on stains. Rinse with water and let dry.
  • Spot Cleaning – Take a spray bottle of the above mixture and spray the affected area. Let it sit for a few minutes, wipe with a cloth and repeat if needed. Rinse a little and allow to dry.
  • Fabric Protection – Spray with a fabric protector like Scotch Guard before you begin using them to protect them from spills and make it easier to clean them. Reapply fabric protector each time you clean the cushions.
  • Storage – While outdoor fabrics are made to dry quickly, you may want to keep them under a roof. Be sure to bring cushions in during the winter.

Umbrella Fabric

  • Cleaning – Brush off any loose dirt, and mix ¼ cup of Gain or Tide with lukewarm water. Add a TBS of baking soda or Borax. Apply with a sponge or soft brush in circular motion. Let soak in and then rinse with a hose or bucket of water to thoroughly remove soap residue. Allow to dry partially and then open to dry better.*For heavier cleaning of light colored fabric, a small amount of bleach can be added to the soap mixture.
  • Storage – Bring umbrellas in during the winter and make sure they are put down when you are not using them, so they do not get damaged in the wind.


  • Cleaning –To clean your Teak patio furniture, mix 1 cup of bleach or vinegar with 1 gallon of water and scrub it with soft bristle brush.
  • Preservation – Teak is a wood that is very hard, and care depends on whether you want it to look bright and new, or like the weathered look for your outdoor furniture. You can keep it stained, varnished and weather treated, or you can let the natural preservation of the wood keep it from rotting and let it turn gray and weathered.
  • Storage – Teak furniture can be left outdoors if the weathered look is what you like, but if you want it to stay new looking bring it indoors during harsh weather.

Canvas Furniture / Sling Furniture

  • Cleaning – Brush the loose dirt off to clean canvas patio furniture. Then mix 1 tsp. Dawn Dishwashing Detergent, and 1 tsp. Borax with 1 quart of warm water. Saturate the surface of the cushions on both sides with the solution. Wait a while, use a soft bristle brush on stains. Rinse with water and let dry.
  • Storage – Store outdoor furniture with canvas sling seats indoors during the winter.

Metal Frames on Outdoor Furniture

  • Cleaning – Use a mixture of mix 1 tsp. Dawn Dishwashing Detergent, and 1 tsp. Borax with 1 quart of warm water. Spray it on the metal frame, let sit a moment and wipe it down with a wet rag or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Dry off.
  • Preservation – If metal is beginning to rust, wipe as much off as possible with a cloth dampened with mineral spirits. Use a Rustoleum Paint or a primer and paint to repaint the mental.
    *You can use automotive wax to help preserve the metal furniture after it is cleaned or repainted.

Make You Outdoor Furniture Last Longer

  • Don’t be afraid to add a fresh coat of paint, replace or recover the cushions, or freshen your outdoor furniture with a thorough wash.

 If it is time to buy new furniture or replace cushions, talk to the outdoor furniture experts at Dwell Home Furnishings in Coralville. Stop in and look around at our furniture and rug selection.

Outdoor Rugs and Outdoor Furniture - Dwell Home Furnishings & Interior Design - Coralville, IADesign your deck or patio from the ground up with quality outdoor rugs. It’s fun to add a splash of color to your outdoor spaces, and find the perfect outdoor furniture and accessories to pull the look together.

Whether you’re looking for a fun or elegant look, or want to cover up an unattractive concrete patio or old bricks, an all-weather rug may be a cost effective answer.

You can choose from a wide array of colors, patterns and designs to compliment the exterior of your home.

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Comfortable, Low Maintenance Patio Furniture for any Backyard

Wicker Outdoor Furniture - Dwell Home Furnishings - CoralvilleWe’re getting spring fever in Iowa and it’s time to think about outdoor entertaining with patio furniture and outdoor furniture for around the fire pit that is comfortable, versatile and durable.

We spend all winter dreaming about the morning we can enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch, or grill on the deck and spend the evening out by the fire, but having a nice chair and a side table to set your drink on, makes the experience even better.

Your outdoor spaces can be an extension of your home if you choose attractive, comfortable patio furniture that has the feature you need for entertaining. With fire pits, fire tables, brick ovens, and outdoor kitchens, your backyard can be as homey as the living room.

Buy Once, or Buy Every Couple Years

You have a choice as to whether you buy high quality patio furniture, or like to change it up every few years and purchase a cheaper set. You should know that in most cases you get what you pay for.

A high end, timeless, heavy duty patio table and outdoor chairs will cost more. It will stand up to the weather better, but will still need a certain amount of maintenance, and perhaps will fare better if it is brought in for the winter.

Some Things to Think About When Buying Patio Furniture

How much effort are you willing to put into maintaining your outdoor furniture?

The answer to this will help you decide what kind of patio table and chairs or outdoor lounge chairs you might want. Wood will need to be stained and sealed every year, and with all of the freezing and thawing in Iowa, would be best off kept indoors over the winter.

There are several types of metals, woods and plastics that can be used, and some are better than others. Some are heavier duty, others rust more easily, and still others will give you the look that you want. We believe that you can have it all if you are willing to take some precautions to keep it looking great.

Metal Outdoor Furniture – With a multitude of styles and colors available, metal is a versatile and beautiful choice. It can be durable, depending on what type of metal the patio furniture is made of, but it does hold heat when placed in the hot sun.

Aluminum – Does not rust, especially if it has a powder coat finish, but high-end sets are a bit more expensive.

Wrought Iron – If you’re looking for a formal or classic outdoor furniture set, a wrought iron patio set might be a perfect answer. It is strong and durable, as well as very heavy, so it will not blow over easily. If wrought iron furniture is the best choice for your outdoor spaces, there will be some maintenance involved to prevent rust and corrosion. Wrought iron is much more comfortable if the design includes cushions.

Steel – If you’re looking for super durable outdoor furniture, and you plan to leave it in the same spot, steel can be a great choice. It is very heavy, and if left unpainted, steel will rust. There may be some maintenance involved in ensuring steel furniture does not rust. Steel patio furniture should be stored inside to prevent fading or pitting.

Wooden Patio Furniture – While wood is sturdy and does not hold heat like metals and plastics, it is best to keep indoors or under a roof when not in use, as it will likely rot or the stain will fade. High quality woods will be more expensive, but will last for years and can be easily repaired if they do get damaged. Changing up cushion colors, paint or stains allows you to change the look of your patio or outdoor seating area, without spending a lot of extra money.

Teak – High quality outdoor wood furniture may be made of teak. It is durable and this wood has natural enzymes that that protect the wood from decay. Teak patio furniture can be left out in any type of weather without care if you don’t mind the weathered grey that it turns. If you want to keep the new, pristine look, you will need to make sure it is stained and sealed regularly.

Cedar –Outdoor furniture made of cedar also has an enzyme that keeps it from decaying, so it will not rot in harsh or wet weather conditions. You can enjoy the natural weathered look of the cedar as it ages, or keep it stained or painted for a more pristine look.

Wicker – Wooden woven, or made of synthetic materials is lightweight and durable. You can buy weather resistant wicker furniture, but the harsh Wicker Patio Furniture at Dwell Home Furnishings & Interior Designwinter weather, so plan to store wicker inside, and it is best to keep them on a covered porch or under shelter. If you love the look of wicker, but want it to be placed outdoors and fully exposed to the elements, you may consider a synthetic or poly wicker.

Do you have a good place to store your outdoor furniture for the winter?

Many materials will crack, mold and weather when left out for the winter, so think about where you will store your outdoor furniture, or if you have a way to repurpose it in a 3-seasons room or basement during the winter months.

Will it be sitting in the shade, or creating shade?

If your new patio furniture will be sitting in the sun, or if the purpose of it is to create shade, choose pieces that are made is materials that will not fade in the sun or become brittle from the heat. Patio umbrellas and cushions should be fade resistant, sun damage resistant and fast to dry. You don’t want to have to wait 3 hours after the rain stops to enjoy the clear air. Sunbrella fabrics, cushions and umbrellas offer bright colors and brilliant patterns that are notorious for holding to the weather and drying quickly.

A Variety of Outdoor Furniture Options

At Dwell Home Furnishings & Interior Design, we provide a plethora of medium grade patio and outdoor furniture options on display, and have the ability to order different sets or higher end outdoor furniture if you don’t see just what you’re looking for in our showroom. Our furniture and decorating experts would l0ve to be of service, so stop into our Coralville Showroom if you’re sprucing up your outdoor spaces this year. We have patio furniture by Lexington – Tommy Bahama, Gloster, Lee Industries, Lloyd Flanders and Sunset West.