Most consumers love looking for and buying new furniture rather than take the furniture renovation route. From colors to textures to wood trim, it’s an opportunity to recreate the look of any room in your home. As time passes, we tend to acquire a personal favorite-maybe it’s a piece we bought right out of college that has sentimental value or an heirloom table handed down from grandparents.

That’s where people like Mike Pitlick of Dwell Renovations come in. Mike is manager of the Coralville furniture renovation store. And In a throwaway society, people like Mike are a rare breed. For 36 years, he’s worked in wood and furniture restoration.

Mike does everything from refinishing furniture to gluing and making repairs to crafting parts to replace missing or damaged pieces. As Mike notes, “You can’t just go to the store and buy a table leg for a formal dining set from the 1940s.

Dwell Renovations Mgr Mike Pitlick, Coralville-Iowa City specializes in furniture renovation.

Pitlick, restoring a family table

 While some of the work Mike does involves refinishing and matching stains, he also finds himself working on dresser drawers that don’t slide properly or finding replacement hardware for furniture that’s lost a handle or knob over the years.

Furniture Renovation Challenges

You might think older furniture would be the most challenging to restore, but Mike says newer furniture is actually tougher. “Newer furniture often has multiple steps and stages of stains and glazes. You try to match what’s there, because there are often companion pieces. Still, the layers make it difficult.”

And sometimes Mike says you get a challenge that is extremely difficult to fix, like a scratch that’s perpendicular to the grain.

What gives Mike the best memories are when he can repair a piece of furniture that has meaning to the owner, perhaps it’s an heirloom-like the rocking chair that’s been passed on from generation to generation. Mike admits he gets sentimental about those pieces. “The best is when people are so pleased with the work that it brings a tear to their eye. That always brings a tear to my eye, too.”

Dwell Renovations, Coralville, IA, handles a wide variety of furniture repairs. From refinishing to restoring to more basic repairs, Dwell Renovations can help you keep those special pieces in the family. And if they can’t repair or restore, you can visit Dwell Home Furnishings and Interior Design for high quality, new purchases.

Dwell Renovations Has New Location

Dwell Renovations has a new location at 2010 James St. Suite B & C in Coralville, IA. Stop by-Mike will be there! Or call the new Dwell Renovations number: 319-338-1647.